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Published Research Trainees

  1. Jose-Maria Amich

  2. Alex Andonian

  3. Aric Anloague

  4. Jon Arthur

  5. Cecilia Bender

  6. Gabriela Born-Evers

  7. Brice Brookshire

  8. Sylvia Chlebek

  9. Tim Cho

  10. Kory Conaway

  11. Ryan Cordes

  12. Gabriella DiCarlo

  13. Stephen Donnelly

  14. Mike Eaton

  15. Andrew Ehrsam

  16. Whitney Gao

  17. Logan Geyman

  18. Jon Gorog

  19. Ruthann Gorrell

  20. Nicole Griffin

  21. Henry Guan

  22. Stephanie Henderson

  23. Jake Herber

  24. Connor Hernon

  25. Taylor Hiland

  26. Adam Hoehn

  27. Yu-Tin Hsiao

  28. Aaron Hudnall

  29. E. Quinn Hulsey

  30. Krista Jackson

  31. Kelli Jestes

  32. Tyler Jobe

  33. David Johnson

  34. Stephanie Kidd

  35. Conor Kirby

  36. Tyler King

  37. Kory Konaway

  38. Nicole LaFave

  39. Warren Lawless

  40. Annie LaVigne

  41. Brandon Leighton

  42. Aaron Mahoney

  43. Carmela Marciano

  44. Carson Maris

  45. Vince Marshall

  46. Kyle Messer

  47. Hinduja Nallamala

  48. Jordan Newby

  49. Benjamin Nick

  50. Ivie Obeime

  51. Oladipupo Ogunbekun

  52. Ashley (Daniel) Orr

  53. Devanshi Patel

  54. Sunny Patel

  55. Mackenzie Powell

  56. Hunter Promer

  57. Hillary Rolfs

  58. Laura Schoerning

  59. Medhi Shadmand

  60. Steve Shively

  61. Bill Snyder

  62. Samantha Snyder

  63. Sierra Street

  64. Kirby Tobin

  65. Madeline Totten

  66. Jon Vincze

  67. Carolina Vogel

  68. Brian Wacker

  69. Taylor Ward

  70. Nick Weinstein

  71. Sydni Yates

  72. Colin Young

  73. Victoria Zysik

I am an educator-scientist who seeks to discover, teach, and lead. I measure my success by the outcomes of those I serve.

I am a passionate educator-scholar and academic officer with a talent for leading teams to collaborative success. After completing PhD studies in cell biology at Vanderbilt University and fellowship training in developmental biology at Harvard University, I joined the founding faculty of the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2014.

Here, I serve as a primary content expert for teaching skeletal physiology, hypothalamic-pituitary physiology, and reproductive physiology to medical and graduate students. My research program in musculoskeletal physiology is funded both internally and externally and has served as the research training home for more than fifty student research assistants. My intentional focus on effective mentorship has proven successful, as evidenced by numerous peer-reviewed publications involving student collaborators; an average >95% agreement on student post-course satisfaction surveys; selection as a finalist for Indy’s Best & Brightest Under 40 in the Health & Life Sciences Category; and selection as the national Northup Educator of the Year in 2018, having been nominated by MU-COM students twice in three years.

I feel called to higher education leadership in order to better influence and execute a vision of student-focused, career-minded, transformational education that changes lives and betters society. My leadership style is soaked in the mindset that we are all learners at various points in our journey. I am goal-driven, team-oriented, and person-first with the belief that creativity is at its best when diversity of experience, background, and thought is valued.


Indeed, my current position as inaugural Assistant Provost for Research & Scholarship represents a continual, decade-long pursuit of integrating the teaching, research, and service mission of the institution into a cohesive vision of student success through faculty mentorship. In this role, I lead the university's research enterprise and manage a portfolio of approximately $5.75 million in institutional and external funds. My administrative work blends teaching and research across the institution’s academic units and has been instrumental in growth from regional to national ranking and an expected first-ever designation as a “Research University” by Carnegie in the coming years. I am charged with connecting ideas to opportunities for success and - while my daily tasks vary greatly - my role centers on ensuring that the Marian University research ecosystem is ethical, safe, compliant, productive, and efficient. This is accomplished through focus upon "The Five F's of MU Research:" 1) Faculty Development, 2) Facilities, 3) Funding, 4) Federal Compliance, and 5) Future Growth. Growing from zero staffing, I founded the Research & Scholarship Administration and oversee 3 FT and 6 PT staff across the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Office of Research Operations, Integrity, and Compliance -- the latter of which includes the IRB, IACUC, and IBC with an additional approx. thirty-five partial reports in various leadership and regulatory compliance roles.


Moreover, I hold myself to a high standard of exemplifying this model of educator-scientist and remain a fully-active teacher and researcher in addition to serving the Division of Academic Affairs by leading the university’s research enterprise across five campuses in three states.

Professional Philosophy
Professional Appointments
Professional Appointments


Assistant Provost for Research & Scholarship

Marian University Division of Academic Affairs

2021 - Present

Associate Professor of Physiology with Tenure

Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

2019 - Present

Member, Indiana Biosciences Research Institute

2020 -  Present

Without Compensation (WOC) Appointment

Roudebush VA Hospital

2019 - Present

Affiliate Faculty, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Indiana University School of Medicine

2018 - Present

Member, Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health

Indiana University School of Medicine

2017 - Present


Assistant Professor of Physiology (tenure-track)

Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

2014 - 2019

Faculty Lead for Research Development

Marian University Center for Teaching & Learning

2018 - 2021

Chief Advisor for Research Opportunity Development

Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

2016 - 2017

Visiting Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology

Harvard School of Dental Medicine


Research Fellow in Developmental Biology

Harvard School of Dental Medicine


Teaching Fellow in Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology

Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences


Adjunct Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology

Columbia State Community College (TN)


Teaching Fellow in Interdiscplinary PhD Program

Vanderbilt University School of Graduate Studies


Adjunct Professor of Microbiology

Lipscomb University (TN)



- 2018 Northup Educator of the Year (Student Osteopathic Medical Association Foundation, national competition)

- Finalist for Indy's Best & Brightest Under 40, Health & Life Science Category (Junior Achievement of Indianapolis)

- Dean's Commendation Award (MU-COM)

- Faculty Research Development Award (MU-COM)

- Senior Research Grant (Indiana Academy of Science - 2016 and 2018)

- Dean's Scholar Award (HSDM)

- Certificate of Distinction in Teaching (Harvard University)

- Selected Oral Presentation, Indiana Academy of Science Annual Meeting

- Selected Oral Poster Presentation, ASBMR Annual Meeting

- President’s Poster Competition Award, ASBMR Annual Meeting

Research-related awards garnered by trainees:

- Class of 2018 MU-COM Outstanding Biomedical Science Achievement Award (Mike Eaton)

- Marian University Excellence in Biology Award (Ruthann Gorrell)

- First Place Poster at MU College of Arts & Sciences Research Symposium (Ruthann Gorrell)

- Undergraduate Research Grant from Sigma Zeta (Ruthann Gorrell)

- Second Place Poster Award at MU-COM Research Day (Nick Weinstein)

- Second Place Poster Award at MU-COM Research Day (Sylvia Chlebek)

- oral presentation at Indiana Physiological Society annual meeting (Nick Weinstein)

- oral presentation at Indiana Physiological Society annual meeting (Sylvia Chlebek)

- oral presentation at Indiana Physiological Society annual meeting (David Johnson)

- oral presentation at Indiana Physiological Society annual meeting (Mike Eaton)

- FHU's Faculty Scholarship-Leadership Medal (Jordan Newby)

- DO Student of the Year (Jon Arthur)

- Class of 2017 MU-COM Outstanding Biomedical Science Achievement Award (Aaron Hudnall)

- best oral presentation at Research Science Institute (Jose-Maria Amich)

- best paper at Research Science Institute (Jose-Maria Amich)

Notable Awards

Leadership Academy

Independent Colleges of Indiana


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Developmental Biology

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Mentor: Vicki Rosen, PhD


PhD in Cell & Developmental Biology

Vanderbilt University School of Graduate Studies

Mentor: Mark de Caestecker, MBBS, PhD


BS in Biology

Freed-Hardeman University (TN)


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